This business is now closed

For former customers:

If you have any Warranty concerns, most of the components used for our installations are covered by a Manufacturer’s Guarantee. Please check your Warranty documents issued at the completion of the installation for full details.

Below is a list of links for some of the manufacturers and suppliers:

For new enquiries:

One of our former installation joiners John McDonald runs his own business offering replacement PVCu Roofline, windows, doors and systems to renovate Mock Tudor facades. He can be contacted on 07415 742785 and

Please Note:  We offer the information on this Webpage as a courtesy and in good faith but accept no liability whatsoever for its accuracy and the actions of any of the third parties listed.

Roofline & PVCu Mock Tudor Boards:

Swish Building Products Limited

Windows & Doors:

JDL Double Glazing Limited

Polyurethane Mock Tudor Boards:

Replica Wood Limited (now called Thermotec Ltd)

Coatings for Tudorpanels™:

Rapid Colour Home Improvements Limited